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  • Standard heat/cool manual thermostat.
  • Precise temperature control for both heat and cooling systems.
  • Mercury free thermostat.
  • 4 wire setup.
  • Can be used with central oil heating, electric furnaces & central electric cooling. Use in single transformer systems only.

The Easy Way to Set Your Home Temperature: Honeywell Manual Thermostat

Enjoy easy and precise temperature control for your home with the Honeywell Manual Thermostat. This user-friendly thermostat is ideal for those who prefer a no-frills approach to comfort.

Simple Design

Easy-to-use controls with a clear display let you set your desired temperature quickly and accurately.


This eco-friendly thermostat eliminates any mercury concerns.

Heats and Cools

This manual thermostat works with central oil heating, electric furnaces, and central electric cooling systems for year-round comfort.

Compact Size:

The small design makes it a discreet addition to any room.

The Honeywell Manual Thermostat is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple and reliable way to control their home's temperature.

  • Single-Stage Heating and Cooling: No
  • Multi-Stage Heating and Cooling: No
  • Heating Only: Yes
  • Cooling Only: Yes
  • Compatible with Central Oil Cooling: Yes
  • Compatible with Hot Water: No
  • Compatible with Electric Furnaces: Yes
  • Compatible with Central Electric Cooling: Yes
  • Use with Fan Forced Heaters: No
How do I reset my Honeywell Thermostat?

There isn't a universal reset for all Honeywell Non-Programmable Thermostats. The process will vary depending on the specific thermostat. However, here are the two most common methods:

Method 1: Power Cycle Reset

  • Turn off the power: This can be done by flipping the breaker that controls your HVAC system, or by removing the batteries from the thermostat (if battery-powered).
  • Hold the reset button (if present): Some non-programmable Honeywell Thermostats have a dedicated reset button, usually located near the display or behind a cover panel. If your model has one, hold it down for about 5-10 seconds while the power is off.
  • Restore power: Turn the breaker back on or reinsert the batteries.

Method 2: Menu Reset (for some models)

  • Check your thermostat for a "Menu" button. Not all Honeywell Non-Programmable Thermostats will have one.
  • If present, press and hold the "Menu" button. While holding it, navigate through the options (if any) until you find a "Reset" function. This might involve pressing arrow buttons.
  • Select "Reset" and confirm the prompt (if applicable).
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Honeywell Home Standard Heat/Cool Manual Thermostat - CT51N Video

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