The Honeywell brand has always prioritized the safety and comfort of its customers by releasing some of the most efficient and reliable household essentials. For those searching for a premier solution in preventing mold and mildew from negatively affecting the air you breathe in, Honeywell has released a smart collection of Energy Star qualified dehumidifiers that are capable of cleansing your surrounding air. Honeywell Dehumidifiers represent the pinnacle of Honeywell ingenuity and feature numerous nods to both performance and accessibility. The addition of smart digital humidistat controls actively sense room humidity and adjust accordingly. A full tank alert system has also been implemented to improve peace of mind and will automatically shut off your Honeywell dehumidifier once the tank has reached its capacity. Other additions such as a fully realized electronic display, continuous drain feature and an automatic 24-hour on/off timer all elevate Honeywell dehumidifiers as the optimal choice to utilize in an assortment of applicable settings.

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