Natural Gas Protection Via Revolutionary Sensing Technology

The accurate detection of natural gasses in your surrounding area remains pivotal in securing the highly sought after maximum in peace of mind. A reliance on household appliances such as ovens, dryers and furnaces creates a scenario for a gas leak to occur in potentially every area of the home. Early detection and an immediate response remain critical in protecting yourself and your loves ones from this very real danger. The installation of a New Cosmos Natural Gas Detector in areas that contain the potential for a gas leak (kitchens, laundry rooms and furnace areas…) can mean all of the difference. This gas alarm can provide you and your family all of the necessary time needed to safely escape a gas leak.

How does the New Cosmos Natural Gas Detector Work? What Makes it Different?

This Natural Gas Alarm features revolutionary sensing technology that offers a 10% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) gas alarm threshold. But what does that mean exactly? Standard gas detectors that implement traditional technologies are designed to alarm at 25% LEL. The New Cosmos Alarm’s 10% LEL will alert you to a gas leak much sooner with its earlier detection capabilities. New Cosmos Natural Gas Detectors are also immune to false alarms that may trigger other detectors. These would include alarms caused by harsh household chemicals such as ethanol, acetone and bleach solution. Rapid detection that will only alert you in the event of an emergency, that’s what you can expect with a New Cosmos Natural Gas Detector.

Where do I Install my New Cosmos Natural Gas Detector?

A New Cosmos Methane Gas Alarm should be implemented in all rooms where a gas leak may occur. Some examples would include:

• Kitchens (gas leaks from gas operated ovens and cook tops)

• Laundry or Utility Rooms (gas leaks from a clothes dryer)

• Furnace Areas (gas leaks from furnace burners or boilers)

*Do not install closer than 10 feet (3 meters) from gas appliances. It is possible that gas leaks may migrate along pipes so consideration should be given to place gas detectors in multiple rooms. Gas alarms should be located between 6 to 12 inches (0.15 to 0.3 meters) from the ceiling.

What do I do if my New Cosmos Natural Gas Detector Sounds Off?

DO: Evacuate the area immediately with anyone living in your home 

DO NOT: Use a phone, turn on/off lights, use flashlights, appliances, start a car or anything that could create a spark or flame

DO: Call 911 once you and your family are safely outside the premises

DO NOT: Return to the premises until you’ve been allowed reentry by the proper authorities


Due to their ability to form in nearly any room in the home, gas leaks can’t be treated lightly. It’s important to have the proper equipment needed to alert you and your family, thus buying you time to safely escape in the event of an emergency. A New Cosmos Natural Gas Alarm can do just that while offering you additional levels in peace of mind. Natural Gas Detectors and other safety products such as First Alert and USI Smoke and Fire Alarms are also readily available for online purchase at the Great Brands Outlet.

Revolutionary Sensing Technology

New Cosmos Gas Detector

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