Fire Prevention Week with First Alert and USI Branded Smoke and Fire Alarms

Great Brands Outlet will be observing the 143rd anniversary of Fire Prevention Week starting October 5, 2014 by showcasing a versatile series of Smoke and Fire Alarms that utilize differing technologies to achieve the absolute in peace of mind. Our collection of Smoke and Fire Alarms is comprised by the collective efforts of two superior brands that have established a household reputation for instilling unrivaled levels in confidence. By incorporating brand specific technologies into their products, First Alert and Universal Security Instruments (USI) have distinguished themselves as premier brands in alerting you to the many dangers accompanying a fire.

When it comes to securing the premier in safety and reassurance, the First Alert brand has created an excellent range of Smoke and Fire Alarms that satisfy the many wants and needs expected from a superior product. The introduction of the First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm is a leading example of First Alert;s ambition to create intuitively designed Smoke and Fire Alarms that feature all of the strengths and versatility one would usually associate with a First Alert Alarm, but at a fraction of the size. Featuring an advanced smoke entry system, the First Alert Atom utilizes a photoelectric sensor that will actively monitor the surrounding area for smoldering fires while reducing the chances of false alarms triggered by cooking and shower steam.

The Great Brands Outlet collection of Smoke and Fire Alarms is further boosted by the addition of First Alert;s Ten Year Series. The First Alert 10 Year Photoelectric Combo Smoke & CO Alarm is the definitive addition of the series as it allows for a decade;s worth of uninterrupted protection against the presence of both smoke and carbon monoxide. Leaps in ingenuity have effectively eliminated the need to ever replace this unit;s battery. Other features such as an end of life signal that readily alerts owners once the alarm has reached its ten year capacity and a sleek design add tremendous versatility to a combination alarm that;s already renowned for its flexibility.

Forty five years of continual technological expansion and an ever increasing ambition to deliver the safest experience in today;s market have launched the USI brand into world recognition. The USI patented series of Smoke and Fire Alarms include Universal Smoke Sensing Technology that;s capable of responding 87% faster to slow smoldering fires and even quicker to fast flaming fires. The USI Electric Hardwired 2-in-1 Universal Smoke Sensing (IoPhic) Smoke and Fire Alarm with Battery Backup provides dual protection against the presence of smoke and fire. Including a microprocessor that;s capable of preventing nuisance alarms from triggering, the USI brand is also responsible for the M Series of Smoke and Fire Alarms. The USI Electric Hardwired 3-in-1 Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Alarm coincides with all of the strengths attributed to a USI smoke and fire alarm. It's also capable of identifying Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas.

Both First Alert and USI branded Smoke and Fire Alarms are readily available for purchase through our secure online servers at Great Brands Outlet. We offer premier solutions to preparing your home or place of business at a fraction of the price. Secure the ultimate in peace of mind this upcoming Fire Prevention Week and purchase a Smoke and Fire Alarm from one of two industry defining brands.

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