Enjoy the Summertime Tradition of Making S'Mores with the Sterno S'mores Maker!

Great Brands Outlet is thrilled to announce that it will be showcasing an entirely unique approach to enjoying everyone's favorite summertime treat! The Sterno S'mores Maker will allow owners to experience all of the great taste and nostalgia associated with this once campfire exclusive in the luxury of any indoor or outdoor location. An ideal addition for any number of social gatherings such as picnics, sleepovers and barbecues, the Sterno S'mores Maker provides a safe and easily accessible means of enjoying s'mores.

The Sterno S'mores Maker provides a one of a kind experience that showcases both safety and accessibility. The aspects of safety can be observed with Sterno's decision to utilize a roasting screen that provides superior flame protection. Flexible by design, the roasting screen also assists in creating a perfectly even marshmallow. Two built-in S'mores Making Stations have also been implemented to allow swift and convenient access to chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. These additions combined with an easy to clean serving tray and pair of stainless steel roasting forks elevate the Sterno S'mores Maker as the premier means of enjoying s'mores in the comfort of your own choosing!

The Sterno S'Mores Maker comes equipped with one can of Sterno S'Mores Heat Fuel Can. Renowned for their expertise in crafting superior heating products, Sterno has developed the perfect companion to accompany its S'Mores Maker. Sterno S'Mores Heat Fuel Cans provide the ideal amount of heat needed to roast marshmallows to gooey perfection. Developed with a clean-burning fuel that's made from renewable sources and non-toxic ingredients, Sterno S'mores Heat Fuel Cans are capable of generating and sustaining an open flame without producing harmful emissions. It is the ideal fuel source for roasting marshmallows and making the perfect S'more every time! A package of two Sterno S'mores Replacement Heat Fuel Cans can be purchased separately from the Sterno S'mores Maker.

Great Brands Outlet also features the Sterno S'mores Maker Bundle, Indoor/Outdoor Marshmallow Roaster & 2 Extra Cans of Fuel. This set includes the Sterno S'mores Maker and three Sterno S'mores Replacement Heat Fuel Cans. Regardless of where your summertime activities take you this season, you'll have access to the safest and most convenient ways of enjoying s'mores. Sterno products and a host of other summertime essentials are all readily available for purchase online at the Great Brands Outlet!

Sterno S'mores Maker

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Extra S'mores Heat Cans

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S'mores Maker Bundle

sterno smores maker and fuel

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