Honeywell Portable Heaters to Help Reduce Energy Costs and Keep You Warm During the Polar Vortex

Honeywell heaters, honeywell portable heaters, honeywell heatingThe unofficial sequel to early January's Polar Vortex is headlining across the United States again and has all the potential of surpassing its predecessor in terms of obliterating records. Much to the country's dismay, the beginning of the New Year was accompanied by an unprecedented drop in temperature, a flurry of snowstorms and a relentless wind-chill. It is reported that nearly 200 million individuals were negatively affected by the drastic dip in weather. In record numbers, schools were closed, planes were grounded and public transit was rendered motionless. An estimated 21 fatalities directly associated with the weather have been tallied and the economic blow has cost the nation 5 billion dollars in damages and losses. These numbers rival the disastrous Super Storm Sandy that ravaged the east coast n 2012. Never has there been a more appropriate and important time to equip yourself with a brand that's proven itself time and time again in terms of efficiency and reliability. We at Great Brands Outlet stand firmly behind all of Honeywell's Heating options and give you the added incentives of slashed prices, superior customer service and swift delivery. Great Brands at a Great Price, we can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones warm and safe in these difficult times.

Honeywell Portable Heaters:

Great Brands Outlet offers a variety of Honeywell products including a versatile selection of Portable Heaters. Honeywell's selection of Portable Heaters has always been based on three underlying principles. Efficiency, maneuverability and affordability have successfully elevated Honeywell as an elite choice for outfitting your home or place of work with a superior heater. Naturally lightweight and accessible by design, Honeywell Portable Heaters offer users an extended amount of options when it comes to installation. This effectively translates to seamlessly guiding your heater from room to room. Honeywell has gone the extra mile in creating units that vary in size, design and general power output. This was an intentional decision that directly allows users to pursue a series of options when it comes to selecting the optimal heater for their home or place of work. Never settle for anything less than perfect with Honeywell and never pay and arm and a leg with Great Brands Outlet.

At Great Brands Outlet, we endeavor to satisfy the many requirements and demands that one would expect from an exceptional retailer. As such, we've ensured that our catalogue of Honeywell Heaters is as diverse as it is expansive. Each unit was selected for its abundance of options and features that ensure for an optimal heating experience. Whether you're looking to install a heater in a small or relatively spacious room, Honeywell has a heater that's fully capable of releasing and spreading large amounts of heat at a steady and constant pace. We've also ensured that Eco-Friendly and Power-Saving options are available for those interested in preserving the earth and cutting a substantial amount off of their electric bill.

The first Polar Vortex caught most of the United States by surprise. Subsequently, many homes were without a dependable means of keeping themselves and their loved ones warm and safe from the severe plunge in weather. We're currently in round two and feeling the full force of Mother Nature's capabilities. With meteorologists suggesting that a third Polar Vortex may be in the making, it is imperative that you have access to a series of products that are all capable of keeping your home warm. Greater Brands Outlet is your premier destination for preparing and outfitting your home with Honeywell Heaters that have proven themselves time and time again in terms of delivering an unrivaled heating experience.

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