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Jerome Morrocco
January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
Honeywell HE240A Humidifier

I ordered this direct from Honeywell because it was competitively priced and convenient. Delivery was extremely fast I believe I received the humidifier the day after I ordered it. The instructions were straight forward and I took my time with the installation so that I would get it right the first time. It probably took a few days for the house to hold the humidity, at which time I dialed the humidity down. All said, I think it is a good product and has been a pleasant purchase experience.

The Honeywell HE240 Whole House Bypass Humidifier is designed to humidify homes as large as 3,000 square feet, putting out roughly 16 gallons of moisture per day. Its flow-through design helps keep the unit clean of microorganisms by routinely rinsing and draining itself instead of drawing stagnant water from a reservoir. Plus, the evaporator pad helps filter out minerals from hard water and other impurities for cleaner moisture. These features contribute to less maintenance and less of a headache throughout the humidifying season.

*Please be certain to check for available space prior to installation. The HE240A2001/U's dimensions are as follows: HxWxD (in.) 15.75 x 15.75 x 9.47.

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