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Geyser Baseball & Bat, WaterSports 84005-9
Put a watery twist on this American pastime
Price: $12.49 Save: $3.50
Availability: Clearance

ItzaCatch, Water Sports Toss Game 82008-2
Improve your Hand/Eye Coordination with this Challenging Toss Game!
Price: $8.99 Save: $9.00
Availability: Clearance

ItzaFloatyPong Backyard and Pool Game, Water Sports 82055-6
Bring a Timeless Classic into the Water!
Price: $14.99 Save: $5.00
Availability: Clearance Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4/5 (1)

ItzaPaddleball Splasher balls, Water Sports Paddle Ball 80077-0
Includes 2 Paddles and Itzasplashers for Hours of Backyard Fun.
Price: $6.99 Save: $3.00
Availability: Clearance Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5 (1)

Swim Thru Rings Swimming Rings, Water Sports Underwater Rings 81055-7
Test your Aquatic Agility with Water Sports Swim Thru Rings!
Price: $16.99 Save: $8.00
Availability: Clearance Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.6/5 (5)

Feel like taking your favorite sports activities into the water? Stream Machine has a healthy collection of water friendly basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, flying discs and boomerangs. Throw a bash with a highly engaging and entertaining series of pool games such as the Chuck the Duck Water Game and ItzaFloatyPong Backyard and Pool game. Turn the swimming pool into an aquatic gymnasium with Swim Thru Rings and Diving Flags. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in the water, Stream Machine has a little bit of something to offer everyone.

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