Specifically designed and manufactured with the Global Angler in mind, Flying Fisherman Professional Rods and Poles combine the very best aspects of strength, versatility and overall convenience. Flying Fisherman Professional Rods and Poles are crafted from the finest materials and components assembled. The Flying Fisherman P010 Passport fishing Rod Set Light is the perfect companion for any number of fishing excursions and is fully capable of handling anything from Mexican largemouth bass, bonefish in the Keys, small peacock bass in the Amazon, small carp in Europe, brown trout and a myriad of other fish. Utilizing a black taper design to improve sensitivity, strength and performance, the Passport Fly Rod is reinforced with exotic carbon fibers to ensure the optimal fishing experience. Other additions such as the Flying Fisherman P036 Passport Fly fishing Rod ensure that the knowledgeable fisherman has no shortage of premier options to select from for their next fishing trip.
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