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First Alert 2092F Water, Fire and Theft Combination Safe

The First Alert 2092F is part of the exclusive line of waterproof fire safes. The 2092F offers a complete security solution for the three major hazards: theft, flood and fire. The safe's anti-theft features include patented pry-resistant concealed hinges, 4 number combination dial security lock and 4 solid locking bolts. This First Alert 1.3 cubic foot fire safe is UL classified for 1 hour to withstand an external temperature of 1700° Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350°. The safe has been tested by an independent testing lab and verified to protect digital media including memory sticks, CD's, DVD's and external hard drives. The composite construction with water tight seal prevents water damage to the contents caused by flooding or by water used in fighting a fire. This waterproof safe will float making it easy to find during a flood, and it will remain dry inside even if fully submerged. The safe also includes an override key that will open the safe if the combination is lost or forgotten.

Spacious Safe Ideal for Storing Valuables

With a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet, the 2092F Combination Safe offers ample space for your jewelry, money, documents, and other valuables. The safe is also verified by an independent testing lab to protect CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, and other electronic media from fire damage. An adjustable storage shelf and a key rack ensure quick-and-easy access to stored items.

Durable Pry-Resistant Construction

Crafted from durable composite, the 2092F Combination Safe features pry-proof concealed hinges that make entry by crowbar difficult. Four live-locking door bolts provide additional security by firmly locking the door in place.

Fire Resistant for up to One Hour

This fire-resistant safe has been independently verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to withstand external temperatures of up to 1700° Fahrenheit for up to one hour while maintaining an internal temperature of 350° Fahrenheit.

Waterproof Seal Keeps Contents Dry

Featuring a waterproof seal, the 2092F Combination Safe is designed to protect important documents, electronics, and other stored items during a flood. The safe remains waterproof even when bolted down or fully submerged. It is also designed to float, so it is easy to locate during a flood.

* The First Alert 2092F Safe's combination can be found inside the front door. It is a pre-set four (4) number sequence that is unique to the safe and cannot be changed. It is recommended that you keep the combination in a secure place. AVOID storing it inside the actual safe.

How can I replace the keys or get the combination to my safe?
If you misplaced your keys, or forgot the combination to your safe, please fill out the Combination/Key Request Form, have it notarized and submit the completed form via email, mail, or fax. Contact information may be found on the form.
Where do I find the serial number for my safe?
On the bottom right hand corner on the front of the safe or the right wall on the outside of the safe. It is located on a silver sticker (usually 6-10 digits).
The dial on my First Alert safe won't make a complete rotation, what's wrong?
There may be a plastic pin inside the safe that holds the dial in place during shipping. Simply turn the dial hard, forcing the plastic pin to break off and the dial will spin freely. If this does not work, spray some WD40 around the dial. If you are still experiencing issues, contact Consumer Affairs at 1-800-323-9005 for further assistance.
The door to my First Alert safe is stuck, what should I do?
This may happen if the bars do not disengage fully. You can try one of the following:

  • Insert your override key (the one with the square top) and while turning the key take a flathead screwdriver and insert it in the crack of the door and slowly pry it open.
  • Another method is to lay your First Alert safe on the right hand side and using the over ride key open the door.
Where can I find the key number?
  • Engraved on the key itself.
  • Engraved on the lock cylinder.
  • Engraved underneath the black plastic cap that says digital electronic safes.
  • The silver sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the Anti-Theft Safes.
  • On the key cover.
My key is not broken, but it does not work in the safe. What should I do?
It may be possible that some debris/dust is caught in the lock of your unit. Please try the following:
  1. Check the engraved key number and verify it matches the engraved letter on the key cylinder.
  2. Spray WD-40 oil in the lock.
  3. Tap it lightly with a hammer.
  4. Try the key again. If the key still does not work please contact Consumer Affairs at 1-800-323-9005 for more information.
My safe is under warranty and it appears to be defective. How do I get a replacement?
If your First Alert Safe fails to operate because of a manufacturing defect, any time up to five (5) years from the date of original purchase, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the unit at no charge to the original owner provided you return the product, shipping prepaid, to First Alert. You should contact Consumer Affairs Department at 1-800-323-9005 for prior authorization in advance and they will direct you on what steps to follow.
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2092F customer reviews

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First Alert Water, Fire and Theft Combination Safe, 1.3 Cubic Feet Reviews
May 14, 2018
Reliable Safe with Key Override Feature

We bought this First Alert combination safe as a replacement for another major brand safe we had with an electronic lock. We had a few instances where the electronic mechanism had stopped working and we did not want to be locked out of our safe at a critical time such as before a trip when we needed our passports. We decided to buy this combination lock model for reliable access and because it has the emergency override key feature. It is easy to enter the combination on the dial and so far the safe has reliably opened. As with our other waterproof safe, we keep a container of DampRid inside the safe to control the humidity.

Dino DeAngelis Sr
December 20, 2011
Verified Purchase
Very Satisfied with the Safe

I am very satisfied with the purchase of the First Alert Safe, it was Gift for my Son !!

Kelly Watson
December 16, 2011
Verified Purchase

Great value for the price!

monthly user
May 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
better than expected

I bought this as a replacement of a Sentry safe with an electronic keypad that failed, causing me to destroy the door to get access to my items will never buy an electronic keypad again unless theres some sort of manual override. The First Alert safe seems to have everything I wanted and the interior is bigger than expected due to a very usable yet thin shelf. There are only two negatives that Ive found so far, both of which were anticipated: its very light and cannot be bolted to the floor. So if security is an issue for you, be aware that the safe can easily be carried away. This was not an issue for me because my main concern is fire/water protection. I like the safe and will probably get another to store additional items.

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